*New* Ripper

Foot long hot dog Fried or Grilled, with our house made relish (pickled in apple cider vinegar are baby cucumber, red onion, Jalapeno, and garlic, mixed with brown sugar)

*New* Hot Honey Sandwich

Our Secret Recipe Hot Honey Sauce (more Sweet and Tangy than Hot),

Ranch, Crispy Chicken,  Served on sourdough bread 

Cedar Creek Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
Choice of *BBQ sauce with our sweet vinegar coleslaw or pickled red onion and jalapeno on a bun

Cedar Creek Pulled Pork BBQ Grilled Cheese
Choice of *BBQ Sauce, and scallions on sliced sourdough

Bacon Cheese Burger

Served with mayo, lettuce, tomato, on a bun

Grilled Chicken Wrap
Served with Ranch, American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon in a wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

served with Crispy Chicken, Hot Sauce, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Cheddar Cheese,

lettuce, tomato, and bacon in a wrap

Grilled Cheese

On sliced sourdough

Portobello Burger

Mushroom Cap served with our vinegar base coleslaw on a brioche bun   

Chicken Fingers with Cedar Creek Fries 


​​Cedar Creek Fries